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Make sure your pet meets the DEFRA rules of the Scheme

These rules apply to:
Dogs and cats
Rabbits and rodents
Microchip (dogs, cats and ferrets)

Your pet MUST be microchipped at the same time and not after they have the rabies jab.

You will need to make sure your pet’s microchip number has been correctly recorded in the passport and all other relevant documents.

It is advisable to get the chip checked at your vets prior to travelling and whenever you visit the vets. The chips do have a tendency to disappear to various parts of the body.

Consider updating your microchip database before travelling

It would be an idea to temporarily update the microchip database to the address you are staying at on holiday in case they go missing when abroad. At the very least you should have an additional tag on their collar.

Make sure you get your pet’s booster vaccination done on time

Look at the ‘Valid until’ date on your PETS documentation. You must get your pet dog, cat or ferret revaccinated against rabies by this date. Failure to do this would mean entry to the UK would be denied.

Tapeworm treatment. (Dogs only).

Do your research before you go on your trip to find a vet in the area your staying in for them to give your dog the tapeworm treatment. That way you will not be frantically trying to to find someone at the last minute. It is essential that you remember your pet must be treated not less than 24 hours and no longer than 5 days before its journey into the UK.

Make sure the vet checks your pet’s microchip number before giving the treatment.

Before you leave the vet’s surgery, make sure that the documentation has been fully and correctly completed. In particular, make sure that the date of treatment and the time of treatment (using the 24 hour clock) have been correctly filled in and the passport has been stamped. The vet must also note the products used to treat your pet.

If your pet is travelling from a non EU country there are additional forms that you will need to have signed, stamped and dated by your vet and the country your travelling from equivalent of DEFRA will also need to stamp and approve the documents. Failure to do this will mean denial into the UK and additional costs for you to have a vet in Calais complete the correct paperwork for you.

Once your dog or cat has had this treatment be sure to get the vet to complete the relevant paperwork.

At all stages it doesn’t do any harm to ask the vets to check the microchip.

Travelling to the UK

To avoid complications and quarantine, make sure your dog, cat or ferret enters the UK with an approved transport company on an authorised route.
Travelling in hot weather

We never leave the pets in our charge in a vehicle unattended. The vehicles we use have climate control and tinted windows. Pets can over heat quickly and easily. Providing the right environment and conditions avoids any problems.

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