Dog Grooming Brush


Ready to change the way you groom? This handy dog grooming dryer brush ticks all the boxes in terms of helping you to dry and brush your furry friends quickly and efficiently with fabulous results.


  • Power 8oo watt
  • Supply power 220-240v
  • Motor DC Brushless motor
  • Heat guarded brush backs
  • Cable length 2.0 meters
  • Blue LED Light

designed for dogs.

Other handheld dryers are only suitable for human hair, whereas this has been
specifically designed to only be used on our furry friends.

It’s safer.   

Unlike most handheld dryers, ours has three temperature settings and two fan speeds that are cooler than regular dryers, as well as an insulated back to protect the dog from any accidental burns.

Twice as fast.

The two in one drying and brushing function cuts grooming time in half, enabling you to groom twice as many dogs (and possibly drink a few extra cups of tea).

Let it shine.

A handy specialist light is built-in the product to help you spot those pesky fleas, let you know you’re on the hottest of the temperature settings and also to help spot any hard to see skin conditions. However, as the light is only functional at full wattage please don’t use around the dog’s eyes!

Don’t tie yourself in knots.

The cable is made with a heavy-duty flex, meaning you’re able to easily manoeuvre the product around without any awkward kinks or twists in the cable, oh and it’s chew proof!

Annnnd relax…

Due to the hairdryer brush being a handheld device you now have a free hand to calm down your pup. This means your dog can really relax whilst he’s being brushed, and now you’re able to offer a calming hand if you’ve got a jittery customer (and now it’s a lot easier to give some head tickles!)

Get paw-fect results.

The ionic feature built into the product helps to aid in de-knotting and de-matting leaving hair smoother and easier to cut.

Postage & packing £5.00
Please allow 14 days from date of order for delivery


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