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Pet Taxi is a family run business, run by professionals from the Pet Industry.  We have a huge love of animals and will always treat our customers’ pets as our own.  Our VIP’s, Very Important Pets, welfare is our priority.


Q – Are you DEFRA registered?

A – Yes the company is registered with DEFRA to transport animals.

Q – My pet only weighs 6lbs does this mean the cost is cheaper?

A – The journey is being made specifically to transport your pet and this will incur the standard transportation rate.

Q – How many animals do you transport?

A – Only your pets.  We do not transport pets from several families

Q – What vehicle do you use?

A – We use vehicles fitted with the necessary safety equipment to transport pets.  All vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly and have air conditioning, essential in warmer climates.

Q – Do you use the ferry?

A – No we always use the Chunnel.  It is a much faster, smoother way to travel and it means your pet does not have to be left alone in the hold as they do on a ferry.  We can be with them all the time.

Q – What if there is an emergency?

A – Our drivers are trained pet first aiders.  Once they have made sure they have done all they can they will take your pet straight to a vet if necessary.

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