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Pet transport dog

The vans are fitted out to ensure the dogs in our care are 100% comfortable and relaxed. We are able to transport all aged from pups to elderly citizens. We can provide a ramp for the elderly or young (but too large to lift!)
The crates, professionally fitted, have vet bed for comfort and water is available all the time. It is advisable that they have something familiar from their owner to help them to relax. Maybe an old t shirt or a blanket.
During the journey we make regular stops for them to go to the toilet and stretch their legs. If it is an overnight journey we would ask you to provide some food for them.
We do ask that they are not fed for at least 5 hours before travelling as more often than not the travelling upsets their tummies.
A camera installed in the van enables us to keep an eye on them throughout the whole journey meaning if they show any signs of distress we will see straight away and be able to stop and make sure they are ok.

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